We are dedicated to build bespoken, highly individual web-applications for national and international organizations and institutions.

Our passion is to help our clients all over the world solving real life problems with state of the art technology and make their everyday more productive. We are thrilled to develop best user experience of excellent tools on a high technology level. We believe in rapid development and agile and collaborative work. We are the devops task-force for your business, bringing together the right people for your needs.


Design Strategy
Lean Prototyping
Agile Software Development
Information Architecture
Design Thinking

Cloud Driven Services
Digital Installations

Interactive Tools
Community Platforms
IoT Applications
Data Visualisation
Virtual & Augmented Reality

Techologies we like to use

Language: Python, PHP, swift, Java/JSP, Spring/Boot, c#
Frameworks: Django, Kitura, ASP.NET Core, node.js
Engines: Unity5, Unreal, AR Kit, VR Kit, ML Kit
CMS: Typo3, Wordpress, DjangoCMS, Jekyll, Kirby

Frontend: HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript, TypeScript, Angular
Persistence: MySQL, PostgreSQL, MongoDB, CouchDB
Cloud: AWS, Azure, IBM Bluemix, vultr/digital ocean
Platform: Linux, Mac, Windows, Docker, VM